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    2020 Flat Rate Pricing – $225.00

    Real Estate Aerial Photography / Video Mission Package $225.00

    11 Aerial Photos + 2-3 Minute Aerial Video hosted on YouTube with interactive social media. $225.00

    please email: eodronecorp@gmail.com
    Please use the subject line: Real Estate Listing: “Address or MLS number”

    Aerial Panoramas

    With Real Estate Aerial Photography / Video Mission Package $75.00

    Without Real Estate Aerial Photography / Video Mission Package $100.00

  • Hints and Tips

    National Association of Realtor’s said that 80% of homeowners preferred to work with an agent who makes real estate aerial photography and walking tours in marketing their buildings.

    Drone Real Estate statistics have stated that buildings featuring drone photographs sell about 68% faster than do properties featuring only one option of non-aerial images.

    ● Capture Dramatic Angles ● Appeal to Remote and International buyers ● Communicate with Real Home Buyers with Interactive Social media. ● Images and Models become part of the property assets. ● Maps and Models can be used to track changes to the property over time (examples: Inspections, Improvements, Energy Efficiency, Seasonal changes, Insurance) ● Resource Analysis can help accurately fix the true value of a property

    6 Tips for the perfect winter real estate photo shoot

    Winter real estate photo shoots can be a challenge when there is snow, mud, sleet, and other unattractive elements on the ground. Proper lighting can also be difficult as winter skies are often gray and overcast.
    However it is possible to capture appealing photos of homes during the winter season. Following are some tips for capturing a properties best features despite these challenges

    1. Prevent Snow Build-Up on the property
      • heaps of snow and icy walkways look unappealing in photos
      • keep key areas like driveways, sidewalks and porch clear of snow
      • use salt to remove reflective ice
      • keep gutters free of icicles, while they may look good to the eye, they often do not photograph well and can lead to damage to the home.
    2. Turn up the heat indoors
      • Reduces the chance of streaky, fogged windows that block out natural light
    3. Keep an eye on the weather
      • While there are many grey days in the winter. There are a few spectacular blue sky days mixed in.
      • Blue sky’s often occur after a snowfall
      • Not only will you have bright, natural light to work with, but the snow will create a fresh, attractive layer over older snow for a cleaner shot,
      • Indoor photography will be easier as you will be able to fill the home with bright natural light
    4. Place a few festive decorating touches
      • Brighten up the property with some festive decor such as a wreath on the door, and lights trimming the roof of the property
      • Avoid personalized holiday decorations as it can be difficult for homebuyers to visualize themselves in the home
      • Simple festive garlands and touches will be enough to brighten a room and allow the buyer to envision their decorations along with the small touches.
    5. Invite all the natural light possible
      • Open up window coverings
      • Use of natural light will make any home seem more luxurious
      • If you have warm lighting features like a fireplace to work with be sure to turn them on. They will add more light, and add a homey, cozy feeling.
    6. Include photos of the property from green seasons
      • Helps the buyers imagine what the property looks like outside of winter
  • EODrone Corp's C-19 Response to Eastern Ontario State of Emergency

    EODrone Corp’s C-19 Response to Eastern Ontario State of Emergency

    Essential Services and Business

    If your service or business is on the Province of Ontario Approved Essential Service list and you require a camera or sensor in the sky wherever you need it. Eastern Ontario Drones is prepared to provide end-to-end solutions for the collection and processing of image and sensor data of all spectrum’s for Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural, Natural Resource and Media Productions.

    Province of Ontario: List of essential workplaces

    Please e-mail: eodronecorp@gmail.com
    Please use the subject line: Essential Service – “Your Industry” along with a brief description of your end goal in the body of the e-mail.

    Our qualified Mission Planners will contact you promptly to assist with the details.

    • Emergency and Disaster Response
    • Aerial Photo / Video and Media Production
    • Real Estate Listings and Virtual Tours
    • Insurance
    • Farming Data Analysis and Pinpoint or Precision Agriculture
    • Thermal Inspections
    • Roof and Building Inspections
    • Power Grid Inspections
    • Solar Panel and Wind Turbine Inspections
    • Corridor Mapping
    • 3D Modelling
    • Construction Surveys
    • Volumetric Measurements of Resource stockpiles
    • Photogrammetry (Orthographic Mapping)

  • Panoramas